A bit about me and this blog...

I'm Caroline. Day to day I work as a communications strategist, writer and illustrator, and a number of other things all in development... life is never dull, that's for sure! 

This blog is borne out of a passion for a new way of working, one that is flexible, driven by what you love and hopefully eradicating the 'monday morning dread'. In 2017 my family (myself, Ben and our young baby, Otis) take this even further by taking at least a year to travel through NZ, Australia and all through Asia, freelancing as we go, and ultimately searching for a new base location that gives us a better balance for us as a family. 

Masters of Many celebrates people who are structuring their lives in a different way to achieve that balance. Focused on work, life and travel, the site tells stories of these individuals, and offers thought pieces and editorial around changing trends in this space. 

I hope you enjoy! Please do get in touch via the contact section if you'd like to be involved, or have any feedback 

C x